Disruptor from the Original Comic “Radix”

Disruptor rendered in 3D
Disruptor from my original comic Radix rendered in 3D
Created in Poser 4 with the Victoria Model and custom textures for the skin and textures. The hair model was is a creation of Kozaburo with a custom texture applied.
This isn’t exactly the greatest render in the world, but its fairly decent taking the limitations of the software and my own skill level at the time. I feel I achieved the exact look I wanted when molding her face. The character is a human/alien hybrid and I think I managed to get a nice level of “attractive woman” combined with “alien” for her final look. Based on image size I suspect this was a PC Wallpaper at one point as well.

Supergirl Photomanipulation Classic Costume

Supergirl photomanip
Classic Supergirl Photomanipulation, one of the last and one of the best I created using Corel Paint I was going for her look in the Dark Circle stories she appeared in with the Legion of Superheroes shortly before Crisis On Infinite Earths
So a few problems, the most obvious being the cape. Bad work on my part there, I should have frankensteined in some materials for the cape rather than conjure one from thin air. I also somehow forgot to give her a red headband, I don’t remember why. On her right shoulder there should be cape there as well. The clone work on the bottom right floor is pretty shoddy and her belt is not great either. On the plus side, I did a great job on her skirt. Its been quite a while since I made this image, but I think its frankensteined. Also her chest emblem is fairly well warped to fit her body contours. I feel the blue areas of her costume were fairly well done as well.

Infectious Lass Photo Manipulation

Infectious Lass photo manipulation
Infectious Lass photo manipulation from the Legion of SuperHeroes.
Created for Klordny, a Legion of Superheroes fanzine.
I’ve only created two Infectious Lass photo manips, and both feature this woman as Infectious Lass. To the best of my knowledge her name is ANELI. She hits some great poses so she is really good for superhero photo manipulation. Many of her photos are available on Met-Art and Domai.
The Infectious Lass costume is pretty complex. My method for creating it correctly was to make the costume 50% grey with all the folds, wrinkles and seams in place. I then turned this greyscale costume into a displacement map. I then created the colour texture part of her costume and applied the displacement map to get the odd little shapes to “bend” correctly over the folds. The full size image does not look good online but is fantastic in print, its intended form. The background is a collage of various virus and bacteria, mostly taken from the CDC.

An LMBP Group Drawing


LMBP group shot

I am a member of Legionworld, which is a Legion of Superheroes fansite. A part of what has happened there is many of us have evolved “superhero” personalities for use on the site and call ourselves “Legion of Message Board Posters” (LMBP or LMB for short). While there are quite a few creative types on the site and we have produced a lot of Legion and LMB related work, there was not much in the way of group pictures around when I drew this. The costume designs are a mixed bag. Some are totally my own, others are derived from the designs of fellow member and artist Joeboy (aka Kid Marvel) while others are based on the descriptions of the poster themselves.

Back row

Kid Marvel, Tempest, Faraway Lad, Caliente, Dedman

Front row

Vee, Disaster Boy, Fat Cramer, Spellbinder, Loser Lad, Quislet ESQ.
Penciled and Inked by me, colours by Loser Lad from the Legionworld.net website

Spawn commission

Spawn commission
Todd McFarlane’s Spawn commission. I was attending a group and one of the members mentioned that her boyfriend was a big Spawn fan. She asked me to do a drawing for him. I was not overly familiar with Spawn, besides knowing who he was. I had to do a little research to get his movement and stances correct, but I feel that I achieved a very Spawnish Spawn in the final image. And wow, that cape was fun to draw!