Birthday Lego Portrait Commission

birthday lego portrait commission

Birthday Lego Portrait Commission

I picked up this Birthday Lego Portrait Commission online. A woman wanted her boyfriend and herself drawn as mini-figs for her boyfriends birthday. I’ve never drawn a mini-fig before, but figured it would be a lot easier than drawing realistic portraits. I ended up using some renders of characters from the Lego videogames as my “models” to create the base drawings. To create the faces/clothing/hairstyles she sent a few pictures of her and the boyfriend for me to work from. I captured them both as mini-figs fairly well, and now that his birthday has come and gone (where the drawing was very well received I was told) I can post it up here.

James and the T-Rex Make a Beer Run

James and the T-Rex

James and the T-Rex Wallpaper

I was browsing r/wallpapers last night when I encountered a lovely picture of a T-Rex. I planned on photoshopping myself onto the dinosaur, but my friend and co-worker James wanted to ride the T-Rex. So I took a photo of James, found images of a can of beer and a head-dress. Fired up GIMP (I’m not at home, didn’t have access to photoshop) loaded everything up and made the composite. And that is how James and the T-Rex Make a Beer Run came to be.