Triplicate Girl Photomanipulation

Photomanip of Triplicate Girl from the Legion of Superheroes, modeled by Luba

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Here we have a photomanip of Triplicate Girl featuring 3 of her costumes that she has worn over the years. On the far left she has her original “Adventure” costume. In the center she sports her “Duo Damsel” costume. Finally on the right we see her “Triad” costume from the reboot era.

Triplicate Girl was the 4th member to join the Legion of Superheroes. Her real name is Luornu Durgo and she is from the planet Cargg which is a planet known for having 3 suns. Most of her incarnations can split into three distinct bodies. She first appeared in Adventure Comics #276. Later, one of her bodies was killed by “Computo the Conqueror” resulting in a name change to “Duo Damsel”. In Superboy #300 she married Bouncing Boy and in the later years of the Legion of Superheroes she was an instructor at the Legion Academy. Eventually, during what is known as the “Baxter Era” she lost a second bodies in a battle with the “Time Trapper”

I created this photomanip as part of “The Mother of All Legion Manips

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