Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoo
Eagle Tattoo design with tribal elements. This was my first attempt at a design for a shoulder piece but I was unhappy with the result. I eventually designed an Anhk that I will be using instead.

Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo Design

Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo design
A Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo design. I designed this one a LONG LONG time ago, perhaps in a galaxy far away when tribal tattoos weren’t everywhere and actually looked like something.
I held onto this design for years and finally a few years back I pulled the trigger and got it done. This tattoo is on my right arm, done by Derek at FX Ink in the West Edmonton Mall.

Dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo

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This Dragon tattoo was designed for a co-worker.
She wanted a stylized dragon with her initials worked into it.
I think I achieved my goal on this dragon tattoo.

Skull and Snake tattoo

Skull and snake tattoo

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A skull and snake tattoo done by request.
Designed for a former co-worker to his exact specifications.

It’s a Tramp!

Its a Tramp tattoo

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Fake tattoo design “It’s a Tramp”

Sometimes weird things come to my mind, you’ll see me post most of them on Thursdays because we all know Thursday is the redheaded stepchild of the week. Don’t deny it, it is.

Anyways, while watching Star Wars while looking at pr0n (not really…well maybe. Or not, you figure it out) I was inspired to combine the famous Admiral Akbar internet meme “It’s a Trap” with a tramp stamp, resulting in this lovely “It’s a Tramp” tattoo (done by Admiral Assbar’s Tattoo shop and Habberdashery)