Viridis Lament dual screen wallpaper

Viridis Lament dual screen wallpaper

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Cthulhu inspired wallpaper of my online – Viridis Lament – identity using myself as the the base model


Yian-Ho – The Lost City Wallpaper

Yian-ho The Lost and Forbidden City

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This is my photomanipulation of how I imagine Yian-Ho – The Lost and Forbidden City in wallpaper form.
The version above is 1920 x 1080. For this image of Yian-Ho I first started with an image of my hand, another of my head in profile and some tentacle stock from Stock Exchange. From there I used some personal stock of stone textures, and a combination of stock from Stock Exchange and personal stock for the ruined buildings. More stock from Stock Exchange and personal stock for the seascape and licence free images from NASA for the sky.
Also used were some stock brushes from a few DeviantArtists


Yian-ho The Lost and Forbidden City

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Dual Screen wallpaper version

Mortal Kombat Khameleon

Redesign of Khameleon from Mortal Kombat

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My Re-design of Khameleon from Mortal Kombat.
I went with some extreme changes one this image making her much more reptilian.
As I often do with my re-designs, I um…borrowed…elements from other cultures, in this case Mayan.
Oddly enough I drew this around Dec 2012, I guess the “apocalypse” silliness was on my mind.
I Also should note that I plan on putting up a coloured version of this at some point

For more information on Khameleon please visit Mortal Kombat Wiki

Reference image provided by Tasastock

Tarot – The Fool

Major Arcana card "The Fool" from the Tarot of the Ded

From my original set of photoshopped Tarot Cards, Tarot of the Ded, The Fool

The Fool


A card of beginnings, faith and spontaneity – and apparent folly.
Choose your path and choose it well
Believe in what you are and can be
But be free in mind and spirit
Or forever live your life as

Superhero Van

What really happened when the Legion of Superheroes travelled to the past to get Superboy to join thier group

Ah, the lovely “Superhero Van”.
How did such an oddity come to be?

I am a member of a Legion of Superheroes Fan site called Legionworld
We love the Legion there (if you are fan, come join us) and often our conversations turn silly, much like the early Adventure era stories.
And thus the Superhero Van.
I cannot remember how it was brought up (or if it was on the site or a Facebook conversationwith fellow site members) but the end result was that I was inspired to change the “Free Candy” van into a “Superhero Club” van.
In the comics Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Boy travel to the past and convince Superboy to join their Superhero club. I kinda ran with the idea…Superboy didn’t exactly join willingly, but was lured there by the Superhero Van.