Amatha, A Half Elf Thief

Coloured drawing of my half elf character Amatha from a DnD Ravenloft campaign

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This is Amatha, a half Elf Thief character I played in a Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft Campaign.
The name Amatha is derived from Tolkien Elvish and translates loosely into “Blue Flower”

Dawnstar Photomanipulation

Photomanipulation of Dawnstar from the Retroboot version of Legion of Superheroes

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Dawnstar from the Legion of Superheroes as she appeared during the “Lightning Saga” story arc
This is one of my more recent manips. I had to make some drastic changes to the model to make her resemble Dawnstar. I don’t think I quite achieved my goal on that front.
When I first finished this image I really liked it, but now I see more and more flaws in it. Not a piece I am happy with at all anymore.

Shikari Photomanipulation

Shikari Photomanipulation based on reboot Legion

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We first meet Shikari during the first Legion Lost series where she served as narrator for the first issue. She belongs to a semi-insectoid race called Kwai. She generally sports a humanoid appearance but can “armour up” into a more insect like form. Her abilities include flight and pathfinding, pretty much making her a reboot era Dawnstar.

I believe this was the second photomanipulation I created for this series.
Source picture courtesy of Wicked Weasel