Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

Photo manipulated Supergirl wallpaper featuring DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa

Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

This Supergirl wallpaper features DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa.
Quite some time ago we did a figure stock exchange and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the first image using the figure stock she created.
I recently finished another image or Argo City which was created specifically to be the background of this Supergirl Wallpaper.

This particular version of Supergirl is as she appears in the Legion of Superheroes comicbook.

Legion Lost Shikari

photomanipulation of Shikari from the Legion Lost mini series
Legion Lost Shikari photomanipulation.
Another one from my series of photomanipulations. On this manip I made both versions of Shikari as she appeared in the Legion Lost mini series, the “armoured” costume and the inlay is just her dress when she is “normal”
I’m pretty sure this was one of the first times I attempted complex armour. I didn’t quite achieve what I was going for but I learned a few things and my later attempts at armoured characters are much better.

Source Photo courtesy of Wicked Weasel

Legion Lost Violet

Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation
Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation starring Alicia Charms.

Another in my Legion Lost series of photomanipulations. I used one of the regular models I had at the time for this image who used the screen name Alicia Charms. Every photomanipulation I made of Shrinking Violet at that time I used a photo of Alicia. Though she was “too old” for the character, I feel she bore a striking resemblance to both the classic Legion Violet and the reboot/Legion Lost Violet. So I made her appear a little younger and added the costume.

Legion Lost Spark

Photomanipulation of Spark from Legion Lost
This is my Legion Lost Spark photomanipulation. If we can ignore the horrible mess I made of her hair, this is easily one of my better manips. Great lighting on the source photo gave me an excellent starting point. This allowed me to really work the folds and seams of her costume, making them better and more realistic than ever. I even got some nice texturing happening on the costume. Again, to bad about the hair, it really throws of the look of the image.

Source photo courtesy of Wicked Weasel

Legion Lost Apparition

Legion Lost Apparition photomanipulation.
I created this image of Apparition for my Legion Lost series (obviously!)
When I first posted this one on another site I took a lot of flak for it, most of the negative comments were along the lines of “Why is she so fat?”
All I can say to that, both then and now, is Wow…you spend WAY to much time looking at pr0n. Seriously, this is a nicely proportioned girl so by today’s standards she is fat.
I’m disappointed but not surprised. Since this ill fated experiment I’ve (mostly) stuck too using source photos closer to the characters in comic appearance.