Andromeda photomanipulation

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Photomanipulation of Andromeda from the Legion of Superheroes.
I can’t remember a whole lot of details about this photomanipulation but I was producing quite a few manips at the time, so no huge surprise there.
I did make this around the time I met some fellow Legion fans online (we now reside on Legionworld) and I DO recall that at the time we had a running joke about “Laurel Gand’s Thong” due to the number of gratuitous ass shots Andromeda was given. Best guess is I made this shortly after meeting them.



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Photomanipulation of Sensor from the Legion of Superheroes.
This version was (not so affectionately) known as Sneckie by Legion fans. Despite the general dislike for this version of Sensor, she certainly provided a visual challenge for a photomanipulator. It took quite a bit of work to get her even decent looking, but I feel that in the final image Sensor looks as close as possible to her comic book form. Clone brushes and Displacement maps were my best friends for this photomanipulation.

Superhero Van

What really happened when the Legion of Superheroes travelled to the past to get Superboy to join thier group

Ah, the lovely “Superhero Van”.
How did such an oddity come to be?

I am a member of a Legion of Superheroes Fan site called Legionworld
We love the Legion there (if you are fan, come join us) and often our conversations turn silly, much like the early Adventure era stories.
And thus the Superhero Van.
I cannot remember how it was brought up (or if it was on the site or a Facebook conversationwith fellow site members) but the end result was that I was inspired to change the “Free Candy” van into a “Superhero Club” van.
In the comics Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Boy travel to the past and convince Superboy to join their Superhero club. I kinda ran with the idea…Superboy didn’t exactly join willingly, but was lured there by the Superhero Van.

Superman redesign photomanipulation

Superman costume redesign photomanipulation

A redesign of Superman’s costume as a photomanipulation.
Well my merry band of adventurers, this is the photomanipulation that started it all.

A long time ago and in a province very far away I picked up a Wizard magazine.
That particular issue was running a contest to redesign Superman.
I doodled up a few different versions and was prepared to do the final art.
Then I had a flash of real inspiration…put the costume on a real person.
I managed to scrounge up a decent quality (for the time) picture of a bodybuilder and set to work with my rudimentary photo-editing skills and a copy of Corel Draw and produced this image. I had quite a bit of fun making it, so I made another then another then another.
I found others online who were doing the same thing and suddenly we had a small group who chated via emails and shared maniping tips.
As bad as this image looks now, it established me as one of the first online with this little art form and allows me to call other early manipers like 4f, Bad Mojo, Surliman the Sorcerer, and Hupcap as my peers

Pyre Photomanipulation

Photomanipulation of Pyre from my original comic series Radix

Photo manipulation of Pyre from my original comic Radix.
This image is quite old, one of my earliest photomanipulations, as you can probably tell by its sizee and quality.
I created this image of Pyre using Corel Draw (ie before I got a copy of Photoshop)

Obviously with a name like Pyre, he has fire based abilities.
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