Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

Photo manipulated Supergirl wallpaper featuring DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa

Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

This Supergirl wallpaper features DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa.
Quite some time ago we did a figure stock exchange and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the first image using the figure stock she created.
I recently finished another image or Argo City which was created specifically to be the background of this Supergirl Wallpaper.

This particular version of Supergirl is as she appears in the Legion of Superheroes comicbook.

Argo City Wallpaper

Argo City, home of Supergirl

Supergirl’s Homeworld – Argo City

I’ve been working on a Supergirl photomanipulation. I began this piece as the background for that Supergirl fanart. It turned out so well, exactly as I had pictured Argo City in my head.

Unknown Legionnaire from Adventure Comics

Unknown Legionnaire

The Unknown Legionnaire from Adventure Comics #334

The Unknown Legionnaire is yet another “Secret Legionnaire” story that in the end reveals the legionnaire to be someone already on the team. At this point I thing spoilers are irrelevant so in the end the Unknown Legionnaire turns out to be Supergirl. Supergirl was affected by Red Kryptonite (yet again) and disguised herself as a masked man for the course of the tale.
At this size the photomanipulation is not great. This was my working size image for the Unknown Legionnaire to place in my Mother of Legion Manips image. I do have a new stock model/artist (Dailiaa from DeviantArt) who is a Supergirl fan. I intend to use her photos to create a new image of this character in the future.


Supergirl Photomanipulation Classic Costume

Supergirl photomanip
Classic Supergirl Photomanipulation, one of the last and one of the best I created using Corel Paint I was going for her look in the Dark Circle stories she appeared in with the Legion of Superheroes shortly before Crisis On Infinite Earths
So a few problems, the most obvious being the cape. Bad work on my part there, I should have frankensteined in some materials for the cape rather than conjure one from thin air. I also somehow forgot to give her a red headband, I don’t remember why. On her right shoulder there should be cape there as well. The clone work on the bottom right floor is pretty shoddy and her belt is not great either. On the plus side, I did a great job on her skirt. Its been quite a while since I made this image, but I think its frankensteined. Also her chest emblem is fairly well warped to fit her body contours. I feel the blue areas of her costume were fairly well done as well.

Mother of All Legion Manips

Click to Enlarge

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Inspired by the Mother of All Photoshops on Heromorph its the mother of all legion manips. This one has 84 of the ladies from Legion of Superheroes (all I could fit in). Took me 3 months working on this off and on to finish. You can see some of the manips I’ve posted earlier are part of this one.

Characters shown listed from left to right.

Front Row – Lady Memory; Xs; Captain Frake; Infectious Lass; Kinetix; Thunder; Quicksand; Laurel Kent Manhunter; Gas Girl; Eyeful Ethel; Saturn Queen

2nd Row – Silver Slasher; Saturn Girl; Dawnstar; Sensor; Laurel Gand; Supergirl; Computo; Mentalla; Glorith

3rd Row – Kid Quantum; Spidergirl; Shikari; Satan Girl; Amber; Titania; 362; Starlight; Starbright; Theena; Sensor Girl

4th Row – Triplicate Girl; Duo Damsel; Triad; Insect Queen; Kono; Dream Girl; Minister Crugg; Color Kid; Flare; Caress; Emerald Empress

5th Row – Lightning Lass; Gossamer; Lori Morning as Helios; Lori Morning as Ink; Lori Moring as Blip; Policy Pam; Princess Projecta; Lamprey; Nightwind; Life Lass; Shadow Lass; Violence Queen

6th Row – X-Bomb Betty; Charma; Veilmist; Lori Morning as Fireball; Rush; Shvaughn Erin; Gigi Cusimano; Catspaw; Dark Barda; Mystelor; White Witch

7th Row – Calorie Queen; Shrinking Violet; Lori Morning as Slipstream; Esper Lass; Andromeda; Canary; Sharn Nux; Zepha; Neon; Comet Queen

Back Row – Laurel Kent; Phantom girl; Rainbow Girl; Night Girl; Luma Lynea; Monstress; Unknown Legionnaire; Sun Woman