Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

Photo manipulated Supergirl wallpaper featuring DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa

Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

This Supergirl wallpaper features DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa.
Quite some time ago we did a figure stock exchange and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the first image using the figure stock she created.
I recently finished another image or Argo City which was created specifically to be the background of this Supergirl Wallpaper.

This particular version of Supergirl is as she appears in the Legion of Superheroes comicbook.

Argo City Wallpaper

Argo City, home of Supergirl

Supergirl’s Homeworld – Argo City

I’ve been working on a Supergirl photomanipulation. I began this piece as the background for that Supergirl fanart. It turned out so well, exactly as I had pictured Argo City in my head.

Supergirl wallpaper

Supergirl wallpaper

Above is my Supergirl wallpaper.
When browsing the fabulous tubes of the interwebs I encountered the original image of this young lady. I exclaimed to myself “Self, now THAT is Supergirl!!” I loaded her up in my trusty weapon of choice at the time (Photoshop 7 I think) and set to work. The image to the left is the result of my efforts which turned out pretty good. I liked it so much I made a Supergirl wallpaper from the image. You will also see that this is the Supergirl who appears in my near infamous “Mother of all Legion Manips” (to be posted soon).
All in all this Supergirl wallpaper is one of my favorite photomanipulations. There are some flaws of course. This version of Supergirl is the 80’s version who guest starred in the Legion of Superheroes so she is missing her red headband. Her skirt also looks a little flat.