Supergirl Photomanipulation Classic Costume

Supergirl photomanip
Classic Supergirl Photomanipulation, one of the last and one of the best I created using Corel Paint I was going for her look in the Dark Circle stories she appeared in with the Legion of Superheroes shortly before Crisis On Infinite Earths
So a few problems, the most obvious being the cape. Bad work on my part there, I should have frankensteined in some materials for the cape rather than conjure one from thin air. I also somehow forgot to give her a red headband, I don’t remember why. On her right shoulder there should be cape there as well. The clone work on the bottom right floor is pretty shoddy and her belt is not great either. On the plus side, I did a great job on her skirt. Its been quite a while since I made this image, but I think its frankensteined. Also her chest emblem is fairly well warped to fit her body contours. I feel the blue areas of her costume were fairly well done as well.