Facebook cover photos

Here are three of the personal facebook cover photos I’ve made.
Radix facebook cover photo
First up is a simple facebook cover photo based around my original comic series Radix. Nothing super special, but relevant to me. This image is pretty much just a collage of other drawings I had created of my Radix characters.
Viridis Lament facebook cover photo
This Facebook cover photo is for my “on-line” persona, which is just me with a totally unique name (I broke google finding this name) I am Viridis Lament so if you see that name somewhere its either me or someone pretending to be me. The name and image are a mash up of some of my favorite things. Green is my favorite colour and I enjoy ancient history. So I used the word for green from one of the most well known ancient civilizations, Rome, which provides the Viridis part.
I am a huge horror fan with Hellraiser being my all-time favorite. The Cenobytes in that movie series are summoned by solving a puzzle box, known as the Lament configuration.
And for the image itself, in keeping with the horror theme I’ve styled myself after Cthulhu from the HP Lovecraft stories (one of my favorite horror writers and also inspiration for the name of this site)
Crazy Catman facebook cover photo
Finally we have the “Crazy Cat Man” cover photo, which is either a bad photoshop of a photo of me in an alternate dimension. We still haven’t figured that part out yet.