SSX Elise Riggs Fan Art

Fan art of Elise Riggs from the SSX snowboarding video game series

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Some SSX Fan Art starring everyones favorite Canadian snowboarder, Elise Riggs.
Elsie is often a fan favorite in the SSX community and is my character of choice. Personally the reason I started using her was because she is Canadian like me (I tend to do that with most video games with a Canadian character.

I started this drawing quite a while ago and as per usual just picked at it till it was complete.
The drawing itself I pulled out of my head after referencing many snowboarder pictures to get the body language correct. The background is a composite of two images from Stock Exchange. For the snowboard pattern I thought “was is the most Canadian food?” upon deciding upon poutine, I found a stock poutine image on stock exchange and used that. SSX logo and Elise logo are official game art from EA games.