Unknown Legionnaire from Adventure Comics

Unknown Legionnaire

The Unknown Legionnaire from Adventure Comics #334

The Unknown Legionnaire is yet another “Secret Legionnaire” story that in the end reveals the legionnaire to be someone already on the team. At this point I thing spoilers are irrelevant so in the end the Unknown Legionnaire turns out to be Supergirl. Supergirl was affected by Red Kryptonite (yet again) and disguised herself as a masked man for the course of the tale.
At this size the photomanipulation is not great. This was my working size image for the Unknown Legionnaire to place in my Mother of Legion Manips image. I do have a new stock model/artist (Dailiaa from DeviantArt) who is a Supergirl fan. I intend to use her photos to create a new image of this character in the future.