Legion Lost Violet

Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation
Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation starring Alicia Charms.

Another in my Legion Lost series of photomanipulations. I used one of the regular models I had at the time for this image who used the screen name Alicia Charms. Every photomanipulation I made of Shrinking Violet at that time I used a photo of Alicia. Though she was “too old” for the character, I feel she bore a striking resemblance to both the classic Legion Violet and the reboot/Legion Lost Violet. So I made her appear a little younger and added the costume.

Legion Lost Spark

Photomanipulation of Spark from Legion Lost
This is my Legion Lost Spark photomanipulation. If we can ignore the horrible mess I made of her hair, this is easily one of my better manips. Great lighting on the source photo gave me an excellent starting point. This allowed me to really work the folds and seams of her costume, making them better and more realistic than ever. I even got some nice texturing happening on the costume. Again, to bad about the hair, it really throws of the look of the image.

Source photo courtesy of Wicked Weasel

Mother of All Legion Manips

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Inspired by the Mother of All Photoshops on Heromorph its the mother of all legion manips. This one has 84 of the ladies from Legion of Superheroes (all I could fit in). Took me 3 months working on this off and on to finish. You can see some of the manips I’ve posted earlier are part of this one.

Characters shown listed from left to right.

Front Row – Lady Memory; Xs; Captain Frake; Infectious Lass; Kinetix; Thunder; Quicksand; Laurel Kent Manhunter; Gas Girl; Eyeful Ethel; Saturn Queen

2nd Row – Silver Slasher; Saturn Girl; Dawnstar; Sensor; Laurel Gand; Supergirl; Computo; Mentalla; Glorith

3rd Row – Kid Quantum; Spidergirl; Shikari; Satan Girl; Amber; Titania; 362; Starlight; Starbright; Theena; Sensor Girl

4th Row – Triplicate Girl; Duo Damsel; Triad; Insect Queen; Kono; Dream Girl; Minister Crugg; Color Kid; Flare; Caress; Emerald Empress

5th Row – Lightning Lass; Gossamer; Lori Morning as Helios; Lori Morning as Ink; Lori Moring as Blip; Policy Pam; Princess Projecta; Lamprey; Nightwind; Life Lass; Shadow Lass; Violence Queen

6th Row – X-Bomb Betty; Charma; Veilmist; Lori Morning as Fireball; Rush; Shvaughn Erin; Gigi Cusimano; Catspaw; Dark Barda; Mystelor; White Witch

7th Row – Calorie Queen; Shrinking Violet; Lori Morning as Slipstream; Esper Lass; Andromeda; Canary; Sharn Nux; Zepha; Neon; Comet Queen

Back Row – Laurel Kent; Phantom girl; Rainbow Girl; Night Girl; Luma Lynea; Monstress; Unknown Legionnaire; Sun Woman


Fatal Five

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Photomanipulation of the Fatal Five line-up from the “Who is Sensor Girl” storyline in the LSH.
I originally made this as a wallpaper but I’m pretty sure the formatting won’t work for most peoples monitors now-a-days.
Each member of the Fatal Five was created as a separate photomanipulation (as seen below) then composited into a single image (which I wasn’t to great at doing at the time)


Yian-Ho – The Lost City Wallpaper

Yian-ho The Lost and Forbidden City

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This is my photomanipulation of how I imagine Yian-Ho – The Lost and Forbidden City in wallpaper form.
The version above is 1920 x 1080. For this image of Yian-Ho I first started with an image of my hand, another of my head in profile and some tentacle stock from Stock Exchange. From there I used some personal stock of stone textures, and a combination of stock from Stock Exchange and personal stock for the ruined buildings. More stock from Stock Exchange and personal stock for the seascape and licence free images from NASA for the sky.
Also used were some stock brushes from a few DeviantArtists


Yian-ho The Lost and Forbidden City

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Dual Screen wallpaper version