Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper

Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops

Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper

After the response from James and the T-Rex make a Beer Run, I’ve created Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper. Once again a high resolution render of a dinosaur was used for the Triceratops. The background is a meld of several open commons images found using Google Image Search. The Samurai Cowboy is another Co-worker (who is nicknamed Cowboy oddly enough!)

I’ve created these Dinosaur wallpapers using GIMP, which isn’t exactly my image editor of choice, but serves the purpose when I’m away from home.

Cosmic Boy photomanip

Cosmic Boy photomanipulation



Photo manipulation of Cosmic Boy from the Legion of Superheroes


Ginger Beef

ginger beef
More stupid stuff popping into my head resulting in quick and dirty photoshops.
Thanks to chinese takeout from last night I made this ginger beef.

Monstress Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation of Monstress

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Photomanipulation of Monstress from the Legion of Superheroes as she appeared in the Legion Lost mini series.
I don’t have a lot to say about this one. The model is April Hunter, who had the sheer muscle mass I needed to create Montress. My apologies to Ms. Hunter for what I did to her face to make it look like Monstress. The background is a simple scan from the Legion Lost series, with a few filters thrown on it.

Lamprey and Nightwind

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Photomanipulation of Lamprey and Nightwind from the Legion of Superheroes.
Both Lamprey and Nightwind were trainees in the Legion Academy. They both became fan favorite support characters due to an early story where they defended Legion member and thier trainer Wildfire.
Over the years they were the perenial trainees, whenever the Academy was involved Lamprey and Nightwind were sure to appear.

In later years they became members of the Legion, during the “5 years later” gap.
When I originally posted this image on Legionworld it was one of my more popular images and a particular favorite of longtime member (and one of the founders of the Legion of Message Board Posters) Cobalt Kid. So Cobie, this one is for you.

One of the models is Luba, not sure who the woman with her is.