Alpha Flight Photo Manipulation

Alpha Flight photo manip

Alpha Flight photo manip of Vindicator and Guardian

Heather McNeil Hudson and James McDonald Hudson in their superhero personas, Vindicator and Guardian. Alpha Flight has always been one of my favorite titles, though I find the first few years to be the best of the title. As a Canadian and Alpha Flight fan, one of my “things” is to try and post an Alpha Flight related art piece (usually a photo manipulation) on Canada Day. I am not always successful with that goal, but this image is from one of my successful years.
The female model source picture is courtesy of Wicked Weasel
Please contact me if you know who the male is so I can provide proper credit.

Starlight Starbright First Star I See Tonight

Starlight and Starbright

Starlight Starbright first star I see tonight.

Starlight and Starbright are the ring minions of Starfinger. They functioned more or less like a pair of genii’s who did Starfingers bidding. This version of Starfinger appeared during the “Baxter run” in the Legion of Superheroes, shortly after Crisis On Infinite Earths



Meglaro photoshop


Photoshopped image of obscure Legion villain Meglaro from the Legion of Superheroes.

Meglaro appears in Adventure #303 (reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol 1)


Legion Lost Shikari

photomanipulation of Shikari from the Legion Lost mini series
Legion Lost Shikari photomanipulation.
Another one from my series of photomanipulations. On this manip I made both versions of Shikari as she appeared in the Legion Lost mini series, the “armoured” costume and the inlay is just her dress when she is “normal”
I’m pretty sure this was one of the first times I attempted complex armour. I didn’t quite achieve what I was going for but I learned a few things and my later attempts at armoured characters are much better.

Source Photo courtesy of Wicked Weasel

Legion Lost Violet

Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation
Legion Lost Violet photomanipulation starring Alicia Charms.

Another in my Legion Lost series of photomanipulations. I used one of the regular models I had at the time for this image who used the screen name Alicia Charms. Every photomanipulation I made of Shrinking Violet at that time I used a photo of Alicia. Though she was “too old” for the character, I feel she bore a striking resemblance to both the classic Legion Violet and the reboot/Legion Lost Violet. So I made her appear a little younger and added the costume.