Sumner Kagan

Sumner Kagan
Sumner Kagan is (was?) my character for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition.
He was a Shadow Dancer and was accompanied by a halfling woman called Luciana.

So here is the story of Sumner Kagan’s name, as with so much else I do, it is derived something I enjoy.
I’ve been working on a comic story for the majority of my life. Eventually, as the story evolved, it became known as Radix (still is, website coming soon). While browsing a bookstore one day I stumbled across a book called Radix by A.A. Attanasio
Of course I bought the book just because of its title and it turned out to be very good (still have to track down an read the other 3 books he wrote). The main character in the book was named Sumner Kagan and the name stuck with me. When time came to roll up my Shadow Dancer I gave him the name from Radix, Sumner Kagan.


Tintalle, an Elf woman.
I drew this one as a request from a friend, I don’t really know anything about the character.
Maybe if she sees this I can be filled in on Tintalle

Dwarf Cleric

Female Dwarf Cleric

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Being a geeky guy who can draw, I tend to attract the attention of other geeks who need their characters and/or ideas sketched out.
This Female Dwarf Cleric was created for a co-worker when I worked as a tech support guy 😛
A husband and wife worked with me, both played DnD and neither had a drawing of their character. They both got drawings from me, this Dwarf Cleric was for the wifely half, the husbands Dwarf warrior will be posted at some time in the future. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even get around to colouring this.

Mortal Kombat Havik Wallpaper

Wallpaper featuring the priest of Chaos, Havik from the Mortal Kombat mythos

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1960 x 1080 Wallpaper of Havik, preist of Chaos from the Mortal Kombat mythos.

Havik was never a character I played much, being from one of the Mortal Kombat games I didn’t enjoy very much. As it turns out, even among people who really liked Mortal Kombat: Deception, Havik was not well received by most players. So, with my preference for “Cripples and bastards and broken things” (Ha, Tyrion Lannister FTW!) I drew him.

Inked Drawing of Havik from Mortal Kombat To the left is the original pen and ink drawing of Havik, click to see full size.

Unlike most of my Mortal Kombat drawings I actually stuck to the original design on this one. I also deviated from my usual style of background that I use for my Mortal Kombat Fanart. I am quite pleased with the final result and as I still have the original files for my other Mortal Kombat work I may turn the others into wallpapers as well.
This image of Havik was originally started for a group on DeviantArt but due to a busy life I never submitted it there.

Figure reference provided by LaLunatique

Amatha, A Half Elf Thief

Coloured drawing of my half elf character Amatha from a DnD Ravenloft campaign

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This is Amatha, a half Elf Thief character I played in a Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft Campaign.
The name Amatha is derived from Tolkien Elvish and translates loosely into “Blue Flower”