Mortal Kombat Moloch Fanart

Moloch from Mortal Kombat

Moloch from Mortal Kombat.

According to Ed Boon from NetherRealm Studios, he will not be appearing in Mortal Kombat X.
I wanted to make Moloch a little less bestial than he was in his previous appearances. I made him stand a little straighter and added some partial armour to (hopefully) make him look a little more intelligent and yet menacing. Colour version coming soon.


Ashrah from Mortal Kombat




Ashrah from Mortal Kombat.
Will she appear in Mortal Kombat X ?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
This Image appears to be incomplete, but this is actually what most of my work looks like when I first finish. This image of Ashrah has not even had Black/white balancing it is so freshly scanned here. Her costume is an adaptation of her original outfit, adjusted to fit the reference image I used; Cardinal4 by faestock on DeviantArt. Her left hand also looks unfinished due to the space I left for her weapon. I crafted her traditional Kris Sword in Carrara and plan on digitally inserting it when I do the colour work on this image.

Fatal Friday – Mokap

drawing of Mokap from Mortal Kombat
It’s Fatal Friday in the lost city again, today we have a redesign concept for Mokap from Mortal Kombat.
This was originally done for a contest on Deviant Art in the #MK-Rebirth group, “Love for the Unloved”. Members were given a list of unpopular characters with the mandate to create. Mokap (IMO) had one of the most boring costumes in Mortal Kombat history so he fit the bill and would provide a good challenge for me.
I tried to make Mokap’s costume better, combining elements from various motion capture suits and wetsuits.
I still don’t like Mokap, but hopefully you’ll find him a little more interesting now.

Fatal Friday – Jade

Drawing of Jade from Mortal Kombat
It’s Fatal Friday again, time for some Mortal Kombat fanart; today we have Jade.
This is my re-design of Jade from Mortal Kombat.
This drawing of Jade is one of my earlier Mortal Kombat re designs, done in the earlier 2000’s.
When I created this image of Jade I incorporated some vaguely middle eastern designs to give her a more unique look.

Fatal Friday – Rain

Rain from Mortal Kombat
Todays guest for Fatal Friday in the Lost City is Rain.
The Prince of Edenia, Rain is the purple ninja in the rainbow of Mortal Kombat ninjas.
Originally a joke character (Purple Rain – Prince ha ha, very funny Boon and Tobias).
With this image I tried to depict the raw power of the storm, make Rain somewhat regal and keep him fairly “Ninja-like”
I borrowed heavily from Indian art to design his costume. I’m pretty happy with the final result.