Sindel Render from the Mortal Kombat 5 Era

3D Sindel from Mortal Kombat. Created in Poser 4 using Victoria model and custom textures. I created these images as an experiment when Mortal Kombat 5 was released. In the far right image, Sindel is in the fighting style I choose for her, a form of Kung-Fu that as best I can tell is called Spider Stance. I chose that style because her hair in older games is somewhat web-like. I also designed her costume to be “spidery” as well without being too obvious about it. I modeled the arena myself in Lightwave, even with my relative lack of 3d experience at the time such a simple form was easy to construct and texture. My skills were not up to giving her proper “Sindel” style hair and my library of hair models had nothing close either so I used the best I had which I believe is a model by Kozaburo with custom textures.