Dawnstar for the Legion of Superheroes
Dawnstar for the Legion of Superheroes

3Boot Lightning Lad Photomanipulation

Lightning Lad

3Boot Lightning Lad Photomanipulation

This photomanipulation of Lightning Lad is the third one I created based on the 3boot version of the Legion of Superheroes. The main issue I have with this image is the same as most of my male superhero photomanipulations. The quality of the original photo was not very good. Its always more difficult to find decent sources for the male characters.
The actual photomanip itself I am fairly pleased with. I feel I captured Barry Kitsons Lightning Lad design very well. The lightning arcs on his costume came out great, the white areas of Lightning Lads costume look really good (getting white to look right is almost always a challenge). I even modeled a version of the 3Boot Legion clubhouse in Lightwave and rendered it for the background. The worst part of this image is when reduced to thumbnail size, the model bears an unfortunate resemblance to the guy from “That 70’s Show”

3Boot Princess Projectra Photo Manipulation

Princess Projectra

3Boot Princess Projectra Photo Manipulation

Photomanipulation of Princess Projectra as she appeared in the third major reboot of the Legion of Superheroes comic, known amongst most fans as 3Boot.
I really liked how this manip came out, I did not think so much purple would turn out OK. There are of course some problems, the waistline of her pants is a bit weird and I should have added more definition on the edges of her clothing and shading where her skin meets her costume. I’m pretty sure this was the first superhero photo manipulation I created based on the 3boot series.
Source photo courtesy of Wicked Weasel

Element Lass gender bender photomanipulation

Element Lad?

Gender Bender Element Lass

For Surliman the Sorcerer’s Gender Bender Project

A long time ago, on an internet far far away, a small group of photo shoppers started turning people into Superheroes. So they banded their efforts at the behest of one of their number and began creating female versions of male characters. And thus from my mind and hand, Element Lass was born.

Silliness aside, one of my fellow superhero photo manipulators – Surliman the Sorcerer (now known as Black Alchemy on Heromorph) – asked some of us to take on redesigning some male characters as women. This is one of my efforts for this project, Element Lass. She is derived from Element Lad of the Legion of Superheroes. I did not redesign the costume this time, just went with a pure transfer.

Infectious Lass Photo Manipulation

Infectious Lass photo manipulation
Infectious Lass photo manipulation from the Legion of SuperHeroes.
Created for Klordny, a Legion of Superheroes fanzine.
I’ve only created two Infectious Lass photo manips, and both feature this woman as Infectious Lass. To the best of my knowledge her name is ANELI. She hits some great poses so she is really good for superhero photo manipulation. Many of her photos are available on Met-Art and Domai.
The Infectious Lass costume is pretty complex. My method for creating it correctly was to make the costume 50% grey with all the folds, wrinkles and seams in place. I then turned this greyscale costume into a displacement map. I then created the colour texture part of her costume and applied the displacement map to get the odd little shapes to “bend” correctly over the folds. The full size image does not look good online but is fantastic in print, its intended form. The background is a collage of various virus and bacteria, mostly taken from the CDC.