Dev Em Character Drawing

Dev Em

Dev Em Character Drawing

Drawing of Dev Em, the online avatar of a member of Legionworld.

Legionworld is a fan site forum dedicated to the Legion of Superheroes mostly, but other comics and pop culture are often discussed as well.

An LMBP Group Drawing


LMBP group shot

I am a member of Legionworld, which is a Legion of Superheroes fansite. A part of what has happened there is many of us have evolved “superhero” personalities for use on the site and call ourselves “Legion of Message Board Posters” (LMBP or LMB for short). While there are quite a few creative types on the site and we have produced a lot of Legion and LMB related work, there was not much in the way of group pictures around when I drew this. The costume designs are a mixed bag. Some are totally my own, others are derived from the designs of fellow member and artist Joeboy (aka Kid Marvel) while others are based on the descriptions of the poster themselves.

Back row

Kid Marvel, Tempest, Faraway Lad, Caliente, Dedman

Front row

Vee, Disaster Boy, Fat Cramer, Spellbinder, Loser Lad, Quislet ESQ.
Penciled and Inked by me, colours by Loser Lad from the website

Lucifer Lass


Lucifer Lass a member of; home of the LMB and Legion of Superheroes fans worldwide! If you are a fan of the Legion of Superheroes come on over to Legionworld and join the discussion.


Fat Cramer


Fat Cramer the online persona of a member of



I’ve already started posting drawings of the crew at so now we’ll be seeing some 3D renders as well.
Starting things off is this mini gallery of user Tempest. I rendered two different costumes for her.

Legionworld is a message board consisting mostly of Legion of Superheroes fans and also comic book fans in general. I’ve been a member there for the majority of its life and have known many of the posters from before Legionworld existed, having met them on the old DC message boards and Legion related Yahoo groups. Its pretty much the best web community I’ve ever encountered and well worth checking out.

The LMBP stands for the Legion of Message Board Posters (we also use LMB to fit with the three letter style of LSH)
We are a subset of LegionWorld who tend to roleplay our characters on the boards as well.