Hornbuckle, a Mortal Kombat Rumour Comes to Life

Hornbuckle 1920x1080 wallpaper

Hornbuckle Wallpaper

With Hornbuckle, once again I’ve tackled a fake/rumour Mortal Kombat character. The Hornbuckle rumour came about in the Mortal Kombat II days. MK already had a reputation for hidden stuff at that point, so the message “Who’s Hornbuckle?” that occasionally appeared started the rumour. In the background of the Pit II level there are two fighters, a man on fire (who became Blaze) and a “Green Liu Kang”. Fans quickly adopted the Green Kang as being the mythical Hornbuckle.
Hornbuckle has never really appeared as a main series character so I was more free with my design decisions than normal. So in keeping with Mortal Kombat mythos, I crafted a simple backstory to explain the character. Hopefully you have some MK knowledge, if you don’t the following will no make sense. Shang Tsung likes his magical experiments. One experiment resulted in Meat. Another was Mileena, who is a clone of Princess Kitana mixed with Tartakan features.
I figured if he is doing those things, that after his defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, Shang Tsung would attempt to clone him. The result is my version of Hornbuckle, a green Liu Kang/Tartakan fusion.
I used myself as the model for this pose.