Radix Ladies

Radix Ladies is a render of 4 ladies from Radix, an original comic series
A test render of 4 of the ladies from Radix, an original comic series.
From left to right the Radix Ladies are – Jolt, Atomizer, Eclypse and Psi.
Rendered in Poser 4 using Victoria Model with custom textures and Kozaburo Hair with custom textures. The background was modeled by me, a mish mash of various Sci-Fi I enjoy.
So this was a test render of the four characters and they are all in various states of completion. Jolt (far left) needs the most work, her skin and costume textures are incomplete and her body has not been correctly molded either. Eclypse (center right) is the closest to completion, but she still needs some costume work as well. I never did finish this image, I had a computer crash and while my images surived unscathed due to back-ups, the models and textures were stored on the bad hard drive. Learned my lesson, use Raid arrays now + a separate backup drive elsewhere on my network.