Infectious Lass Photo Manipulation

Infectious Lass photo manipulation
Infectious Lass photo manipulation from the Legion of SuperHeroes.
Created for Klordny, a Legion of Superheroes fanzine.
I’ve only created two Infectious Lass photo manips, and both feature this woman as Infectious Lass. To the best of my knowledge her name is ANELI. She hits some great poses so she is really good for superhero photo manipulation. Many of her photos are available on Met-Art and Domai.
The Infectious Lass costume is pretty complex. My method for creating it correctly was to make the costume 50% grey with all the folds, wrinkles and seams in place. I then turned this greyscale costume into a displacement map. I then created the colour texture part of her costume and applied the displacement map to get the odd little shapes to “bend” correctly over the folds. The full size image does not look good online but is fantastic in print, its intended form. The background is a collage of various virus and bacteria, mostly taken from the CDC.

Mother of All Legion Manips

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Inspired by the Mother of All Photoshops on Heromorph its the mother of all legion manips. This one has 84 of the ladies from Legion of Superheroes (all I could fit in). Took me 3 months working on this off and on to finish. You can see some of the manips I’ve posted earlier are part of this one.

Characters shown listed from left to right.

Front Row – Lady Memory; Xs; Captain Frake; Infectious Lass; Kinetix; Thunder; Quicksand; Laurel Kent Manhunter; Gas Girl; Eyeful Ethel; Saturn Queen

2nd Row – Silver Slasher; Saturn Girl; Dawnstar; Sensor; Laurel Gand; Supergirl; Computo; Mentalla; Glorith

3rd Row – Kid Quantum; Spidergirl; Shikari; Satan Girl; Amber; Titania; 362; Starlight; Starbright; Theena; Sensor Girl

4th Row – Triplicate Girl; Duo Damsel; Triad; Insect Queen; Kono; Dream Girl; Minister Crugg; Color Kid; Flare; Caress; Emerald Empress

5th Row – Lightning Lass; Gossamer; Lori Morning as Helios; Lori Morning as Ink; Lori Moring as Blip; Policy Pam; Princess Projecta; Lamprey; Nightwind; Life Lass; Shadow Lass; Violence Queen

6th Row – X-Bomb Betty; Charma; Veilmist; Lori Morning as Fireball; Rush; Shvaughn Erin; Gigi Cusimano; Catspaw; Dark Barda; Mystelor; White Witch

7th Row – Calorie Queen; Shrinking Violet; Lori Morning as Slipstream; Esper Lass; Andromeda; Canary; Sharn Nux; Zepha; Neon; Comet Queen

Back Row – Laurel Kent; Phantom girl; Rainbow Girl; Night Girl; Luma Lynea; Monstress; Unknown Legionnaire; Sun Woman