Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

Photo manipulated Supergirl wallpaper featuring DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa

Supergirl Wallpaper featuring Dailiaa

This Supergirl wallpaper features DeviantArt stock figure artist Dailiaa.
Quite some time ago we did a figure stock exchange and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the first image using the figure stock she created.
I recently finished another image or Argo City which was created specifically to be the background of this Supergirl Wallpaper.

This particular version of Supergirl is as she appears in the Legion of Superheroes comicbook.

I fixed Zebron from Mortal Kombat

fan art of Zebron from mortal kombat
So quite a ways back Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, put up a pic of a “secret character” called Zebron. He was pretty much an antropomorphic Zebra wearing a Tuxedo….I’m preeeety sure Mr. B was trying to troll the hardcore fanboys and from reactions I recall, it worked.

Anyways, in keeping with my trend of mostly re-designing unliked, unknown and forgotten Mortal Kombat characters I tackled the task of making Zebron a serious character in line with established Mortal Kombat mythology. My line of thinking on this one was pretty simple. Kintaro is basically a bigger meaner striped version of Goro. In Mortal Kombat 3 we are introduced to the Centaurian race who were represented by Motaro. Next step up would be a stripey version and looky here, Ed Boon already created a character, joke or not, who with a few minor modifications becomes the Centaurian Prince Zebron.

Zebrons design elements are mostly derived from African cultures that exist inside the Zebras habitat. I also worked in some minor Asian influences (mostly Japanese). You may notice there are some oddly undetailed areas in this drawing. I pencil, ink and colour my own work and those “blank” areas are places where I will be working in the details digitally.

If you like this (or anything else in my Mortal Kombat fanart series) tweet it to @noobde maybe it’ll end up in the Krypt like Boon’s original drawing.

Colour version coming… some point.

Darian Rage Gargoyle Drawing

Gargoyle Drawing, Darian Rage a player character from a Ravenloft Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

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Gargoyle Drawing, Darian Rage a player character from a Ravenloft Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Sumner Kagan

Sumner Kagan
Sumner Kagan is (was?) my character for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition.
He was a Shadow Dancer and was accompanied by a halfling woman called Luciana.

So here is the story of Sumner Kagan’s name, as with so much else I do, it is derived something I enjoy.
I’ve been working on a comic story for the majority of my life. Eventually, as the story evolved, it became known as Radix (still is, website coming soon). While browsing a bookstore one day I stumbled across a book called Radix by A.A. Attanasio
Of course I bought the book just because of its title and it turned out to be very good (still have to track down an read the other 3 books he wrote). The main character in the book was named Sumner Kagan and the name stuck with me. When time came to roll up my Shadow Dancer I gave him the name from Radix, Sumner Kagan.


Tintalle, an Elf woman.
I drew this one as a request from a friend, I don’t really know anything about the character.
Maybe if she sees this I can be filled in on Tintalle