Dwarf Warrior

Dwarf Warrior
This drawing of a Dwarf warrior is the companion image for my Dwarf Cleric drawing
As I mentioned in that post, this Dwarf was done on commission for a co-worker who played Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m pretty happy with how this dwarf warrior turned out. I feel I got the shadows right, nice work on the textures so each material looks different and the dwarf himself looks like he has been through hell and back. At some point I am hoping to get around to colouring this image, but with my schedule and what not who knows how long that task will take.

Dwarf Cleric

Female Dwarf Cleric

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Being a geeky guy who can draw, I tend to attract the attention of other geeks who need their characters and/or ideas sketched out.
This Female Dwarf Cleric was created for a co-worker when I worked as a tech support guy 😛
A husband and wife worked with me, both played DnD and neither had a drawing of their character. They both got drawings from me, this Dwarf Cleric was for the wifely half, the husbands Dwarf warrior will be posted at some time in the future. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even get around to colouring this.