Kid Quantum

Kid Quantum 2
Photomanipulation of Kid Quantum 2 from the Legion of Superheroes.
This manip of Kid Quantum is the first I created in a new series of Legion of Superheroes based photomanips centered on the post Zero Hour Legion.

Source image courtesy of Wicked Weasel
Model: Cat

Sharn Nux

Sharn Nux
Photomanipulation of Sharn Nux from the Legion of Superheroes.
I don’t think I did a good job on this manip. Sharn Nux ended up looking too manly in my opinion and I don’t think the costume came out great either. Oh well, I can’t win them all!


Gear photomanipulation

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Photomanipulation of Gear from the Legion of Superheroes.
I had a lot of fun creating this image, as to create Gear’s “fold out” head and internal glowing mechanisms I had to use some new techniques. This picture of Gear is also the image that started me down the road of doing my own stock photography.




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Photomanipulation of Sensor from the Legion of Superheroes.
This version was (not so affectionately) known as Sneckie by Legion fans. Despite the general dislike for this version of Sensor, she certainly provided a visual challenge for a photomanipulator. It took quite a bit of work to get her even decent looking, but I feel that in the final image Sensor looks as close as possible to her comic book form. Clone brushes and Displacement maps were my best friends for this photomanipulation.

Shikari Photomanipulation

Shikari Photomanipulation based on reboot Legion

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We first meet Shikari during the first Legion Lost series where she served as narrator for the first issue. She belongs to a semi-insectoid race called Kwai. She generally sports a humanoid appearance but can “armour up” into a more insect like form. Her abilities include flight and pathfinding, pretty much making her a reboot era Dawnstar.

I believe this was the second photomanipulation I created for this series.
Source picture courtesy of Wicked Weasel