Nadasdy Bathory

My first Vampire the Masquerade character, Nadasdy Bathory

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My first Vampire the Masquerade character, Nadasdy Bathory.
Nadasdy Bathory was from the Brujah clan and the mortal descendant of in infamous Countess of Blood – Erzebethe Bathori.
In Nadasdy’s backstory, he was a stagehand for musicians in the ’60’s when he was embraced in the New York area.
While left to the wilds, he eventually gained a mentor and made his way to St.Louis where he became entangled in events far bigger than him.

He was an expert marksman using handguns and better than average in hand to hand combat. He was also very fast, with his Celerity near the maximum allowable level at all times.
His penchant for diablerie made the name Nadasdy Bathori one to be feared amongst the vampires he didn’t work for.

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