African Cthulhu Wallpaper

African Cthulhu

I was shown an image today from r/pics that was begging for some attention. I don’t have access to Photoshop today, but good ol semi-useable GIMP came to the rescue. End result is this African Cthulhu Wallpaper. Definitely not one of my better works, as I am only proficient in GIMP but it does the trick. I might have to do a remix of this Cthulhu wallpaper when I have time and photoshop access.

Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper

Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops

Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper

After the response from James and the T-Rex make a Beer Run, I’ve created Samurai Cowboy Riding a Triceratops Wallpaper. Once again a high resolution render of a dinosaur was used for the Triceratops. The background is a meld of several open commons images found using Google Image Search. The Samurai Cowboy is another Co-worker (who is nicknamed Cowboy oddly enough!)

I’ve created these Dinosaur wallpapers using GIMP, which isn’t exactly my image editor of choice, but serves the purpose when I’m away from home.

James and the T-Rex Make a Beer Run

James and the T-Rex

James and the T-Rex Wallpaper

I was browsing r/wallpapers last night when I encountered a lovely picture of a T-Rex. I planned on photoshopping myself onto the dinosaur, but my friend and co-worker James wanted to ride the T-Rex. So I took a photo of James, found images of a can of beer and a head-dress. Fired up GIMP (I’m not at home, didn’t have access to photoshop) loaded everything up and made the composite. And that is how James and the T-Rex Make a Beer Run came to be.

Ginger Beef

ginger beef
More stupid stuff popping into my head resulting in quick and dirty photoshops.
Thanks to chinese takeout from last night I made this ginger beef.

Mellon Collie

Mellon Collie Meme

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One day I was a sad sad panda so I made a Mellon Collie.
Then I got hungry because I used up all my Mellons and I was lonely because my dog ran away for turning him green.
On the upside I snapped this photo of him before everything went awry.