Element Lass gender bender photomanipulation

Element Lad?

Gender Bender Element Lass

For Surliman the Sorcerer’s Gender Bender Project

A long time ago, on an internet far far away, a small group of photo shoppers started turning people into Superheroes. So they banded their efforts at the behest of one of their number and began creating female versions of male characters. And thus from my mind and hand, Element Lass was born.

Silliness aside, one of my fellow superhero photo manipulators – Surliman the Sorcerer (now known as Black Alchemy on Heromorph) – asked some of us to take on redesigning some male characters as women. This is one of my efforts for this project, Element Lass. She is derived from Element Lad of the Legion of Superheroes. I did not redesign the costume this time, just went with a pure transfer.

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