Matt Smith Doctor Who Wallpaper

Doctor Who Wallpaper of Matt Smith with show quote

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Doctor Who Wallpaper of Matt Smith with show quote.
I was perusing Reddit Wallpaper Requests when I came across a request for a Doctor Who wallpaper from laoul. Well its done, enjoy random redditor!

A few notes about the image –
The picture is a screen cap from the show. I am unsure of the exact source, the picture was provided by the requester.
The font is called Matt Smith Doctor Who by thejamjar96
The font colour is actual Tardis Blue (RGB value 14/35/114)
The quote is Matt Smith’s last line as the Doctor.

Dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo

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This Dragon tattoo was designed for a co-worker.
She wanted a stylized dragon with her initials worked into it.
I think I achieved my goal on this dragon tattoo.

Skull and Snake tattoo

Skull and snake tattoo

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A skull and snake tattoo done by request.
Designed for a former co-worker to his exact specifications.

Dwarf Warrior

Dwarf Warrior
This drawing of a Dwarf warrior is the companion image for my Dwarf Cleric drawing
As I mentioned in that post, this Dwarf was done on commission for a co-worker who played Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m pretty happy with how this dwarf warrior turned out. I feel I got the shadows right, nice work on the textures so each material looks different and the dwarf himself looks like he has been through hell and back. At some point I am hoping to get around to colouring this image, but with my schedule and what not who knows how long that task will take.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly tattoo design

This Butterfly tattoo is a commissioned piece, done for a friend around 2001.
She wanted a butterfly tattoo that incorporated her initials in some way. I worked her initials into the wing on this butterfly tattoo. She has since told me that she has gotten the tattoo on her shoulder,I’ll try and get a picture of it in the future