Marina from Alpha Flight


Marina from Marvels Alpha Flight


Marina is an Aquatic based hero from Newfoundland in the Canadian super team Alpha Flight. She was eventually revealed to be part of an alien race (I don’t know if that’s been retconned) and she was married to Prince Namor at one point (is she still married to him?)
So this is yet another superhero photomanip I lost the source of the photo so if you know, please let me know so I can provide credit.
I do recall immediately thinking the girl would be a perfect Marina when I saw the original photo (as often happens when selecting base photos)
This manip was my first attempt at a new colour swap technique which worked really well with the water over and around her legs.
I should have been a little more heavy handed when working her torso to provide more depth. I feel the costumed part of her body almost looks flat, like a paper cut out. That a little odd, usually green is very easy to work with.

Alpha Flight Photo Manipulation

Alpha Flight photo manip

Alpha Flight photo manip of Vindicator and Guardian

Heather McNeil Hudson and James McDonald Hudson in their superhero personas, Vindicator and Guardian. Alpha Flight has always been one of my favorite titles, though I find the first few years to be the best of the title. As a Canadian and Alpha Flight fan, one of my “things” is to try and post an Alpha Flight related art piece (usually a photo manipulation) on Canada Day. I am not always successful with that goal, but this image is from one of my successful years.
The female model source picture is courtesy of Wicked Weasel
Please contact me if you know who the male is so I can provide proper credit.